bluewater9 said: Shana. Your Matt Bomer interview was extraordinary. The whole piece permeated with loving kindness and inner strength; hard fought and won. Thank you. Thank you. Did he mention (and can you say) how he met his husband? (Such a fan question, but what the heck!)


Thank you thank you thank you. That was a great set of compliments you gave me there. 

There is basically nothing in the world I love more than hearing from both parties how two people met and fell in love, When Harry Met Sally-style. This is something I got better and braver at asking for while working for Us Weekly, where they placed a premium (like an actual monetary bonus) on celeb quotes about their love lives. I was the first journalist that John Barrowman’s now-husband ever talked on the record to, back in 2007, and I remember even I was surprised how strong the feedback about that specifically was. People liked all the shmoopy romantic stuff. And I think especially for a gay magazine targeting queer readers—we still have so few examples of gay celeb couples who so enthusiastically and warmly talk about their love for each other that it means something maybe a little more. 

I’d interviewed Simon Halls a long, long, long time ago for an OUT story about how a gay actor could come out and not see it hurt his career, and he represents a lot of people who OUT has worked with at various times. (He does not represent Matt, for what it’s worth.) For this story, he offered to help arrange secondary interviews—the shorter quick quotes you want from co-stars/directors/etc—including with Ryan Murphy, who is one of his clients.

So, while I figured it was a long shot—unless a publicist is also often seen as a talking head on TV, they are usually very keen to stay out of press altogether—I told Simon that husbands are actually my favorite kind of secondary sources and asked if he would go on the record about Matt. I wasn’t actually expecting him to say yes but I’m very glad I asked. 

Here’s my favorite thing Simon said very sincerely that just didn’t quite fit in the story: “I met him and was absolutely as taken by him then as I am now.” 

Both Simon and Matt very politely declined to tell me how they met, or when specifically, or give much detail about their home life or kids at all. Even when it’s challenging for my storytelling, I respect people who know exactly where to draw that line and actually stick to it.  

Here’s a great thing Matt said (with very good humor) when I asked about his kids: “It’s not really my story. It’s theirs to hawk. If they want to write a tell-all when they’re 25, that’s fine.”




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